Recently I wrote an end of year recap on LinkedIn highlighting my habits & accomplishments professionally & personally for the year. This could not have been possible without the help of some truly amazing apps. So in honor of that post & those apps, I’ve decided to write an accompanying…

So in 2017, my husband & I sold all of our things & moved from Baltimore to Stockholm. When we landed, I had never been to Stockholm before and went to Europe for the first time 6 weeks prior to.

I wanted a job in music. For specifically, I wanted…

(Originally written in 2011)


The 21 stCentury has brought about challenges to the music industry with technological advancement of music distribution. Digital music poses a special challenge for musicians and record labels. In the early stages of file sharing and music download, it was uncertain whether companies should embrace the…

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Drake, Lizzo & Beyonce. These 3 artists mean a lot to me.

I know it’s easy to dismiss celebrities as unimportant frivolity but as someone that has spent most of my life studying media & culture, I believe the most important reason why celebrity matters is because of representation.


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I get questions about working in data in the music industry a lot. I’m by no means an expert but this all comes from various jobs in the industry since I was 16 ranging from working with startups, radio stations, labels, live, etc. …


These were originally a series of posts for more personal social media sites but, the more I consider #2 on this list, the more I thought it could be beneficial to share even on a more professionally-oriented site like LinkedIn.

I am not an expert in politics, the legal system…

Christine Osazuwa

US ex-pat in London. Loves: Music, travel, data, marketing.

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