Recently I wrote an end of year recap on LinkedIn highlighting my habits & accomplishments professionally & personally for the year. This could not have been possible without the help of some truly amazing apps. So in honor of that post & those apps, I’ve decided to write an accompanying piece on how I track everything. Obviously, some people are not fans of being tracked, but I admit, I’m quite biased given I work in data, however; I think it’s a really good way to keep track of habits & re-prioritize your life, especially at the start of a new…

So in 2017, my husband & I sold all of our things & moved from Baltimore to Stockholm. When we landed, I had never been to Stockholm before and went to Europe for the first time 6 weeks prior to.

I wanted a job in music. For specifically, I wanted a job at Spotify. I arrived with 3 degrees, including an MBA; 3 years of management experience; 6 years of full-time work; years of consulting experience; prior work at a record label, a radio station, venues, startups; spoken at conferences, taught workshops, the ability to write in Python, R, SQL…

(Originally written in 2011)


The 21 stCentury has brought about challenges to the music industry with technological advancement of music distribution. Digital music poses a special challenge for musicians and record labels. In the early stages of file sharing and music download, it was uncertain whether companies should embrace the practice or banish it. …

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Drake, Lizzo & Beyonce. These 3 artists mean a lot to me.

I know it’s easy to dismiss celebrities as unimportant frivolity but as someone that has spent most of my life studying media & culture, I believe the most important reason why celebrity matters is because of representation.

Representation goes beyond seeing someone that looks like you. It also means seeing people that have similar experiences to you, seeing someone that has a similar background to yourself, seeing someone you can identify with.

One issue with the representation of Black people in media is that it can often be…

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I get questions about working in data in the music industry a lot. I’m by no means an expert but this all comes from various jobs in the industry since I was 16 ranging from working with startups, radio stations, labels, live, etc. This doesn’t represent data at any one company or any one field, just a combination of working, hiring and being hired in this industry.

Before we dive into getting into it, let’s make sure you’re prepared.

The music industry is a tough one to get into.

It is highly sought after, so you’re competing with a lot of people for roles even with experience, a good network…


These were originally a series of posts for more personal social media sites but, the more I consider #2 on this list, the more I thought it could be beneficial to share even on a more professionally-oriented site like LinkedIn.

I am not an expert in politics, the legal system, or foreign policy. I do my best to stay informed but there a certainly better people to speak on these things, so instead I put together a list of ways to become a better ally that are related to media, culture, the workplace, and interpersonal relationships.

Of course, this is…

Christine Osazuwa

US ex-pat in London. Loves: Music, travel, data, marketing.

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